Prison Me No Way - Jersey

What we do

Three prison officers who wanted to discourage young people from a life of crime started the Prison! Me! No Way! (PMNW) programme in Hull in 1993 – which is now referred to in the UK as the ‘No Way Trust’

After reading about the initiative, officers from the States of Jersey Police and HMP La Moye travelled to the UK on a fact-finding mission to see how Jersey could benefit from the scheme.  As a result, PMNW Jersey was formed as a joint police and prison initiative, designed and delivered by volunteer officers to reflect the needs of the community.

PMNW Jersey is an independent Jersey registered charity with volunteer officers who design and deliver programmes on the consequences of crime to schools in Jersey.

The programme is overseen by Co -ordinaters from both the States of Jersey Police and HMP La Moye. All are qualified as teachers in adult education and have completed relevant training on the PMNW programme and child protection.

Funding is reinvested in to resources to enable lessons to be delivered that are memorable and engaging to the students we work with in schools at all age groups. We also have a team of volunteers from the States of Jersey Police, HMP La Moye and other associated Agencies that support us. All staff undergo regular training to ensure they are kept up to date on lesson content and delivery methods.

We live in a rapidly changing and challenging world, where young people of today face far more difficult choices than those of previous generations; the continued success of the PMNW programme is in recognizing young people as our community’s greatest asset and its hope for the future.  Finding out what the needs of our young people are and to fill those needs are our challenge.

For many of our children and young people, alcohol, tobacco, anti-social behavior and illegal drugs use is their reality.  At a young and impressionable age many are exposed to a variety of substances, which can blight their lives forever.  It is therefore increasingly important that they receive accurate information that enables them to recognize the benefits and values of adopting positive lifestyles.  An integral feature of our work is the need to investigate the causes and consequences of crime, its effects upon the local community and the impact upon its victims.

For further information contact PMNW Chairman, Lesley Harrison, (01534) 612342 or email