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Hey, good looking!

Drinking a lot may make you feel incredibly attractive - unfortunately, it has just the opposite effect.

Here are some of the physical changes heavy drinkers can look forward to:

  • Weight gain
 : Alcohol is high in calories (a pint of beer or a couple of glasses of wine are about the same as a bar of chocolate.)

  • Dry skin : Alcohol dehydrates your body and skin, because it blocks the release of anti-diuretic hormones, so the kidneys get rid of too much water.

  • Broken veins
 : Alcohol dilates blood vessels near the surface of the skin, causing ugly red capillaries or veins, especially around the nose and cheeks.

  • Bloodshot eyes
 : Alcohol can inflame and enlarge the small blood vessels on the surface of the eyes.

  • Bad smell
 : The liver metabolises most alcohol, but 5-10% is excreted straight through the urine, breath and sweat.

  • Bruises and scarring :
 Serious drinkers are more likely to have accidents or fights, leading to cuts, bruises and broken bones.

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What is a hangover?

In short, a horrible reminder of the night before!

Typical symptoms include a pounding headache, raging thirst, depression, and feeling sick. You can also be more sensitive to noise and bright lights.

So what causes a hangover?

It's partly alcohol's diuretic effect, which makes the body lose too much water and causes dehydration. It can also be the effect of congeners - naturally occurring substances in alcoholic drinks, some of which are toxic. Generally, clear or lighter coloured drinks like vodka contain fewer congeners than darker coloured drinks like red wine or port. 

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