Prison Me No Way - Jersey

What is the Law ?

  • To have a better awareness as to the similarities and differences between rules and the Law, who makes them and who then enforces them.
  • To understand that the Law is universal and applies to everyone. When someone chooses to break the Law, they must face the penalties and consequences of that decision.  
  • To understand the meaning of the term ‘age of criminal responsibility’ and that in Jersey it is 10 years of age.
  • To have the opportunity to engage with a Police Officer and ask questions about the Law and policing. 

The Law is principally about:

1)    Safety
2)    Fairness

All new Laws are created, written and approved by the States - democratically elected representatives of the people. (Jersey’s Government)

The Law in Jersey is mainly enforced by the States of Jersey Police. Other enforcement agencies include the Honorary Police and Customs and Immigration Department.

The age of criminal responsibility (the age at which you can get in trouble with the Police for your actions) in Jersey is 10.

However if you do something that is against the Law and you are under 10 you can still be in trouble.