Prison Me No Way - Jersey

Crime Days

Students spend their ‘Crime Day’ rotating in their ‘prison wings’ around workshops which address areas such as crime and public disorder, alcohol, drugs and, drink driving with the ultimate consequence being Prison Life and the impact that has on all concerned should wrong choices be made.

The multi agency team work in partnership and have a very unique and innovative delivery style which ensures engagement with the students during extremely interactive workshops, and give students  hard hitting facts on the consequences of their actions should they make bad choices. They provide young people with information that will enable them to make informed life choices to help them grow into responsible citizens and hopefully reduce the devastating effects of criminal behaviour on society.

Prison! Me! No Way!!! Jersey Chairman Lesley Harrison said: “Crime Weeks are the most exciting part of our school input; it gives the entire team the opportunity to engage with young people and share knowledge and experiences with them. There is a lot of important information being shared when we deliver this input, but it also a tremendous amount of fun, for both the students and the officers who make up the team”


Crime Day 

Opening Address (PMNW) - Crime Day 

The Police Dog Handling Team  (States of Jersey Police) 

Dangerous Games with the  Firearms Team – (States of Jersey Police)

Fire Safety – (States of Jersey Fire & Resce Service)


First Aid (States of Jersey Ambulance Service)

Drugs Workshop (PMNW Co Ordinator)


The Prison Cell  (States of Jersey Prison Service)

Road Safety (States of Jersey Road Safety Officer) 

Closing Address 

DJ Nelson