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PMNW supports the White Ribbon Campaign in Jersey

November 22, 2015 at 12:49 PM

On Monday 23rd November 2015 the States of Jersey Police (SOJP) will be launching a two week campaign against Domestic Abuse by promoting the internationally recognised White Ribbon Campaign. 

Throughout the campaign we will be highlighting the prevalence of domestic abuse within our community and hoping to reach those affected across all our cultural groups.

Following the École Polytechnique massacre in Canada on 6th December 1989, where 14 women were killed by an anti-feminist, a movement was formed which involved men wearing the white ribbon to signify opposition to violence against women.

The White Ribbon Campaign [WRC] appeared in 1991 in relation to this movement and became one of the largest men's anti-violence programmes in the world.  It is now an international effort of men and boys working to end violence against women.  Its basic principle is the importance of men and boys speaking out against all forms of violence against women.  National campaigns also include women and the Jersey campaign will include men and women taking a stand together. 

 Deputy Kristina Moore, Minister for Home Affairs, will launch the campaign locally on 25th November.

 Key Local Facts

  • 2014 DA accounted for 16% of all recorded crime [double the UK]
  • SOJP attend over 1000 domestic abuse incidents per year
  • Over 500 of the reported domestic abuse incidents involved children [2014]
  • Over half of all murders in Jersey over the last 20 years involve domestic abuse
  • 42% of serious assaults were domestic related [2014]

The annual financial cost of domestic abuse in Jersey has been calculated at £3.2m.

Detective Inspector Mark Hafey, who is coordinating the campaign commented “Domestic abuse, also referred to as domestic violence, is a pattern of behaviour characterised by the exercise of control by one person over another within the context of an intimate or family relationship.  The abuse may take many forms such as physical, sexual, emotional, psychological or financial; most commonly it is a combination of all of these forms and is likely to get worse over time and increase in frequency.

Domestic abuse is primarily a gender based crime consisting mainly of violence by men against women.  However we also recognise that it does occur in many forms, same sex relationships, females against males and children/adults against parents and it can severely impact on children and young people as witnesses to the abuse. Domestic abuse on any level is unacceptable and we want to ensure islanders that Jersey has the mechanisms in place to effectively tackle this subject.  Jersey has in recent years made excellent progress in tackling domestic abuse which I believe is down to the multi-agency approach which has and will continue to show benefit and provide the support and guidance that people need. It is, however, still under reported and as such we urge any islander who is suffering abuse to seek the support and guidance that is available.”

 Whilst much good work continues locally in addressing domestic abuse, including the excellent work of our Refuge, the monthly Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC) focussing on current high risk cases, the work of our two Independent Domestic Violence Advocates (IDVA) and the success of the local Anger & Domestic Abuse Prevention & Treatment (ADAPT) programme who work with perpetrators, it is clear more needs to be done across all our communities.

 “A range of activities are planned throughout the campaign to help combat domestic abuse and provide victims with the trust and confidence to speak out and seek support. All States departments have been asked to wear a white ribbon over the two weeks, as a way of demonstrating universal support for combatting the problem here in Jersey. They also plan to take department or team photos to share on social media sites during the campaign. We have received excellent support from partners as well as many other businesses and sporting events. I would particularly like to thank the Jersey Rugby Club and Big Maggie’s for taking the time to support this event. One of the areas where we are focusing our attentions this year is education in the schools and as such the Prison Me No Way Team, led by Prison Officer Dave Barron, working in partnership with PC Jo Carter who are delivering inputs to around 3000 children.”