Prison Me No Way - Jersey - Latest News launched

January 17, 2016 at 10:02 AM

This is a partnership campaign which will be promoted under the brand name and has been designed and developed between: Prison! Me! No Way!!! Jersey, States of Jersey Police, Prison, Ambulance and Customs and Immigration Services.

This new high profile campaign is designed to create awareness and also provide factual information on the devastating effects that these substances can have.  People who manufacture and sell ‘so called’ legal highs, market these drugs as being legal, which in turn means that young people believe them to be safe. Therefore the key messages we are promoting will be that ‘Just because something says it’s legal, doesn’t mean it’s legal OR safe’.     

This campaign reveals the ‘lies about highs’ – hence the title: 

Tools that will be used include:

 Micro site: The launch will include a micro site, which will contain a lot of factual and helpful information on NPS (New Psychoactive Substances) or ‘so called’ legal highs and signposting to where support and advice can be given to young people and parents in Jersey.

Television Commercials on ITV and on ITV HUB: There will be three versions of a commercial shown on Channel Television, which will highlight what ‘real’ highs look like in comparison to those which are not legal. They are locally produced commercials featuring local young people who wanted to be a part of the campaign to help create awareness to the potential dangers associated with taking these substances.

Bus Advertising: The Liberty Bus School Fleet will have advertising targeting both young people and parents, signposting them to for more information.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram- feature highly in this campaign in order to add frequency to key messages and sign post back to the site.

Parent/Carer RoadShow : Every secondary school on the island has been included in a Parent/Carer RoadShow. (Dates will be on the and States of Jersey Police sites)  And letters have been sent directly to parents via their children’s school to advise them of which date the RoadShow will take place.

In partnership with the States of Jersey Police, Jersey Customs and Immigration Service, and Prison! Me! No Way!!! Jersey this series of Road Shows aimed at Parents and Carers to re-enforce the messages we are sharing with their children and also to create a forum where if anyone is worried about someone – either a friend or family member using these substances or just want to know more about their effects, they will have an opportunity to learn first hand from those professionally qualified to discuss the subject. and have guidance and advice on how to help them keep their child safe.

Everyone likes to believe that should they take these substances which can have devastating effect that “it won’t be me” – but it has to be someone, and that person is someone’s son or daughter.

Lessons in the Classroom

Prison! Me! No Way!!! have designed three new lessons, with locally filmed material, and will deliver lessons to every student across the island in Year 8, Year 10 and Year 12. Each year groups lesson is tailored to ensure it is age appropriate and relevant as well as engaging and all lessons will link into PSHE.

Key Campaign Messages:

  • Just because something says that it’s legal, doesn’t mean that it is legal or that it’s safe.

  • Many of these substances have not been researched, no one knows what is in them – don’t be a guinea pig

  • Why risk it? - don’t play Russian Roulette!!!

NPS (New Psychoactive Substances) or so called ‘legal highs’ are substances designed to act like existing illegal drugs. They are often so new, that no research has been done to find out their dangers, and have been linked to many hospital admissions and even deaths.

Prison! Me! No Way!!! Jersey has been undertaking work with students in school on the subject in order to provide young people with factual information on the subject since last year. And during 2016 a lot of our focus will be on continuing with that work in the classroom.  

For further information Please contact Chairman Lesley Harrison on 07700 750106 or email