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Highs Exposed Campaign shortlisted for Awards

February 05, 2017 at 6:20 PM

Prison! Me! No Way!!! Jersey has been shortlisted as finalists for two awards in recognition of their multi-agency campaign, which was launched in the Island last year in order to create awareness to the devastating e ect of so called ‘legal’ highs.

The campaign partnership team included: The States of Jersey Building a Safer Society Strategy, States of Jersey Police, Prison, Ambulance, Customs, Drug and Alcohol Service, Health, Education, Jersey Youth Service and Freedom Media.Finalist: Best Integrated Campaign: This award recognises campaigns that deliver excellence through a range of channels.

The criteria states there must be clear objectives and rationale behind the media strategy along with creative synergy across all the activity, resulting in demonstrable value added from each channel. Finalist: Best Partnership Campaign: This award recognises the e ortless strategic alignment of partnering organisations to deliver a compelling customer marketing campaign. Evidence required must demonstrate how a joint approach and shared goals achieved a measurable win-win result.

The Marketing Excellence Awards identify and celebrate outstanding marketing by organisations, individuals and teams. Now in its eighth year, these national awards continue to recognise that high standards of quality and integrity are vital to the success of marketing, as well as rewarding the innovation delivered by marketers who are at the cutting edge of their profession.

Finalists will have their campaigns showcased with overall winners announced at the CIM Marketing Excellence Awards which will be held at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London’s Park Lane on the 27th April. “This is tremendous recognition at a national level for those organisations and individuals who made the campaign such a success and one which exceeded all our expectations, whilst creating a platform highlighting the bene ts and added value that a multi agency approach and successful partnership can bring to a small community” Lesley Harrison chairman: Prison! Me! No Way!!! Jersey “The partnership between PMNW and the States of Jersey community safety strategy Building a Safer Society has been a very productive one. PMNW always delivers exceptional programmes and they have reached many people through their campaign. The partnerships forged within this successful social enterprise model are strong and sustainable and the extra value, hard work and innovation put in by people all working together, with di erent skills for the same positive outcome is humbling to see.” Gill Hutchinson Executive Officer: Building a Safer Society “It was such a privilege for our creative team to work on the campaign that has had such a positive impact on young people, schools and parents. Ultimately this innovative and targeted campaign was about saving lives, educating all audiences about the devastating e ects these substances can have. The results signi cantly exceeded our objectives. It is an honour for everyone involved to be recognised at the National CIM Excellence Awards and to be shortlisted in two categories. We are looking forward to the ceremony in London in April.” Hannah Shellswell, Creative Director, Freedom Media. Background • Prison! Me! No Way!! was launched in Hull in 1993, and in 2002, it was introduced to Jersey on a trial basis and registered as a Jersey charity in July 2005. • The scheme is a joint initiative led by States of Jersey Police and Prison O cers who use a multi agency approach with the States of Jersey Fire and Rescue and Ambulance Services, to demonstrate to young people the consequences of their actions and what could potentially happen to them if they choose a life of crime, such as ending up in prison and the impact that has on them as individuals and their families, as well as their health and wellbeing. The message behind the scheme is that everyone has a choice which can a ect the direction their life takes. • Prison! Me! No Way!!! Jersey employs on secondment States of Jersey Prison Officer Dave Barron as a dedicated co-ordinator, funded by the charity, and is also heavily supported by volunteers from both the prison service and police force.
• The Scheme has evolved tremendously over the past ten years and has various projects in place, with some exciting new ones in the pipeline for early 2017. Current projects include: ‘Crime and Safety Awareness Days’ during which o cers go into all eight Island secondary schools and deliver a multi agency all day programme to Year 8 students. ‘Your Choice Days’ which are a scaled down version of the Crime Days targeting Year 6 students and a full day multi agency programme is delivered in 32 of the Island primary schools. During the Crime Days and Your Choice Days workshops the students learn to challenge the images they may have about prisons. They also investigate subjects such as drug and alcohol use, bullying, anti-social behaviour, re safety, water safety, rst aid and road safety and learn about making choices and the consequences of making the wrong ones. Individual lessons within schools addressing: Attitudes to Crime, Alcohol, Drink Driving, Drugs and the Law, Highs Exposed, First Aid, Fire and Sea safety and (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) CEOP Internet Safety, Sexting, Sex and the Law and Domestic Abuse. Community Days which are also multi agency and held in Housing Estate ‘hotspots’ designed to engage with young people and their families. • In 2016, almost 15,000 young people in Jersey took part in a Prison! Me! No Way!!! Jersey lesson or programme. • The charity currently has a partnership agreement with the States of Jersey Constitutional and Community A airs Department, along with the States of Jersey Police, States of Jersey Prison, Fire and Rescue and Ambulance Service.

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