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Arrive Alive campaign launched

July 30, 2017 at 11:22 PM

Arrive Alive is a partnership campaign, where partners are committed to working together to raise awareness to some of the dangers young drivers and passengers face. The aim of the Arrive Alive partnership campaign is to help prevent people being killed or seriously injured on our roads by getting everyone talking about safer journeys and equipping individuals with coping strategies they need to be safer on our roads.

The launch will see a new dedicated website, livery on Liberty Bus, Emergency Service Vehicles, Posters at schools and Parish Halls and a locally produced short video featuring young actors from Jersey, supported with lessons in the classroom for every secondary school in Jersey.


Lesley Harrison, Chairman of Prison! Me! No Way!! commented “The work we undertake in our partnership in order to educate young people about ‘choices and consequences’ is designed to be relevant and topical and address areas of concern in our small community. Speeding, using hand held devices to text or take/make a call, along with the risks involved in lift sharing are our focus at present. The intention is to help keep everyone safe by creating awareness to some of the potentially life changing outcomes that can arise and encourage young people and adults alike to please recognise they must take responsibility when getting behind the wheel and consider the implications of decisions they make.”

Superintendent James Wileman, States of Jersey Police “We are pleased to be able to support the Arrive Alive campaign. Together the Islands’ Services and Prison! Me! No Way!!! continue to deliver a message to young people about the impact that their choices can have as they grow up, and very much includes those they make whilst behind the wheel. Sadly we see all too often, the impact that road collisions can have on our community and we must all work together to try and prevent that from happening” 

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