Prison Me No Way - Jersey

About PMNW

Our Mission Statement:

The aim of ‘Prison! Me! No Way!!! Jersey’ is to raise the awareness of young people in the Island about the causes, consequences and penalties of crime, by using a non threatening and non lecturing style of education.  We hope to dissuade young people away from a life of crime, by using a multi agency approach, which will give young people information enabling them to make informed life choices to help them grow into responsible citizens and hopefully reduce the devastating effects of criminal behavior on society.

PMNW Jersey is a self-funded voluntary scheme which obtains its funding from a strategic alliance with Home Affairs, and Education Sport and Culture. This is a rolling three-year partnership, which commenced in January 2007, and includes links to each Partners strategic objective within their business plans. 

We also have had funding and support from Andium (previously States of Housing) the Lloyds Bank Foundation, One Foundation, the Channel Island Co-operative Society Helping Hands Fund, Jersey Post. Waitrose, CIMANDIS.

With out our strategic alliances and support from other local island businesses we would be unable to provide our programmes, so we extend our thanks and appreciation to all that support the Prision Me No Way Jersey Team.

Since its inception, the local branch has evolved into an initiative, which is playing an important part in effecting behavior change amongst up and coming generations as they enter their formative years.

An Executive Committee was formed in July 2005 and in June 2006 following a traditional recruitment process; the Executive appointed a full-time dedicated Co-ordinator, to enable the scheme to revolve to have the reach it has today. With a dedicated Co-ordinatar employed PMNW has been able to deliver and continue to develop programmes into every Island primary and secondary school, plus offer bespoke lessons for individual schools as required.

PMNW Jersey is based at Rouge Bouillon, St Helier  on the premises of the States of Jersey Police, which enables us to have a close relationship and also keep up to date on current crime challenges faced in the Island Community, we also work closely with Community based officers that operate from the station.

We work pro-actively with the Islands’ Secondary Schools to deliver a series of Crime and Safety Awareness Days to achieve our ultimate objective, which is to help and encourage our youth to recognize the benefits of learning and developing a sense of the true values that make them responsible citizens in the community.

We also attend and support Community Days/events wherever possible, and support initiatives by the Police, as an example Anti-Social Behavior at Halloween. We welcome opportunities to provide support to young people in our Community so they make informed choices and understand any consquenses that may follow from their choice.